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A Youth Encouragement Ambassador Program!

On this page we'll introduce a competition that encourages young people to better their community with Community Service projects they have been part of and show us their Talent on a stage. Tell your friends they can find us on Facebook under "Crete Lion's Club competition" or they can just go to our web site.

The Lion's Club of Crete has been established since 1945 as an operating service organization building a better community with the support of many community & county businesses and supportive volunteers. They have given to the youth of this area and encourage young people to express themselves with their talent for over 40 years on a venued stage each year, sending the winners to district and state competitions with in south east Nebraska. We have had the pleasure of sending 21 contenders to a state competition & a 2010 contender to a National competition. She held the 2011 Miss America title, her name is Teresa Scanlan. This year we want to award those youth Sevice Organizations for their Community Service efforts & time. We want to give funds back to your clubs or groups to continue your efforts in making this world a better place .

2012 Talent Contenders
Nathan Ristvedt, Stacy Pospisal, Sara Koca, Jill Utley Tabitha Ristvedt

Our Philosophy



2011 "Miss America", Teresa Scanlan


2010 Lion's Club "Miss Southeast" title holder