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Galaxy of Stars Talent Search
Sara Koca, 2013 Crete Lion's Ambassador

Sara Koca, 2013 Crete Lion's Ambassador proceeded on to District Lion's Talent competition receiving a spot to compete in the State Lion's Competition in Norfolk, NE and won the State Competition in her age category. She then competed in the semi-finals State Fair's Galaxy of Stars Talent Search. The Crete Lion's Club is very proud of Sara's dedication and hard work. 

You can find Galaxy of Stars photos of Stacy on their web site.

Stacy Pospisal,
2012 Senior Ambassador
Over-All Talent Winner 2012
"Galaxy Of Stars" 2012 semi-finalists



Stacy studied at Southeast Community College and then transferred to Doane College to study for a degree in teaching. She is busy entertaining the student body, college alumni and fans as part of the schools Dance Team. Dancing through the semi-finals and on to the finals at the State Fair's Galaxy of Stars, she made the Crete Lion's Club proud. $300.00 was sent to Stacy for her Dancers For Cancer platform.

Jill Utley, 2012 Runner up Talent contender
$150.00 was given to her community service work. This project was sent to Kohl's for scholarships.
Sara Koca, 2012 Elementary contender
As a District Lion's contender Sara brought home a 3rd place medal.

Evan Bartels

* Evan Bartels,(Lh.) is the 2011 "Over All Winner". He competed through the Semi-Finals at the State Fair. He continues to write his own songs and performs on various stages.
* Tori Wadman,(Cntr.) was our 2010 "Over All Winner" and brought back a $200.00 scholarship from the "Galaxy of Stars" competition for her dance number.
* Chelsea Kubicek (Rh.) was our first "Over All Contender" sent to the state fair "Galaxy of Stars" competition. She made the Lion's proud with her dance number in 2009 and continues to achieve a mulititude of awards for her school accomplishments.

Tori Wadman

Chelsea Kubichek

Other past information of past contenders can be found at salinecountytalent.com . 


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