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For all competing in Talent - a 1st and 2nd place medal, will be awarded.
A trophy will be presented to the "Over All Talent" winner. The "Over All Talent" contender will compete at the State Fair's "Galaxy of Stars" competition with the sponsorship paid for.
A trophy will be presented to the "People's Choice" winner. Voted by those attending the competition & not the contenders. 
Funds will be written from the "Go Thru The Motions" account to 1st & 2nd place winners in the youth competition of Community Service & Talent. These funds are written to the service organization, not an individual.
At this time $300.00 to first place.
A crown & sash would be presented to each 2015 Ambassador for public appearances. These would then be presented to the 2016 Ambassadors next March.
[Adult contenders are not included in the giving of funds. They are eligible to win Over All Talent title.]

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