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* Entry form for competition is on Entry form page. Please, read through the picture & other eligibilty considerations under this picture.


There could be as many as 3 contenders from one organization compete in the competition.
EXAMPLE: Boy Scout Pack/Troop
* Wolf/Bear Cub contends at 6 years. old; in the (5-10)
* Webelos contends at 12 yrs. old; in the (11-17)
* First Class Boy Scout contends at  18 yrs. old; in the (18-24)
> Each Community Service book entered in the competition needs to be a different work book, with different story write ups & pictures.
This can work for Girl Scouts,  4-H, Church sunday schools or youth groups and all school groups.

Adult contenders 25 & older are not eligible in the community service competition but, eligible to compete in the Talent portion for a chance to enter the State Fair "Galaxy of Stars" competition.

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